Band Page Bio
This page was last updated: August 22, 2017
 Dennis(Denny) Reese grew up in Mammoth Spring, AR. He has a love for playing the bass guitar and has played with many groups . He loves all genre of music and is married with 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. He currently lives in Alton, MO.
Gary ShipleyWas born and raised in Grandby, MO, He now lives in Springdale, Ark He joined the group in 2016, he plays a variety of instruments, guitar, banjo, dobro, Gary sings lead and harmony, he is a big asset to the group

New member,  Corky Dow, born and raised in Cartage, MO Corky, plays,  andolin, guitar, sings lead and harmony, writes songs, Corky brings to the group many years of music talent, we welcome him to the group,  Corky joined the group in 2016
Ronn Hutchins Our new guitar player, born and raised in Illinois, he has been 
in the music business most of his life, Lives in Salem, Ark Ronn  joined our group in 2017