Band Page Bio
This page was last updated: October 25, 2019
 Dennis(Denny) Reese grew up in Mammoth Spring, AR. He has a love for playing the bass guitar and has played with many groups . He loves all genre of music and is married with 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. He currently lives in Alton, MO.
Alex Hilliker, Born and raised in Mountain Home Ark, began his music life playing classical in school, he played most of his life, he did not like that style as he had heard some playing bluegrass, he began playing at different events when he was 14 tears old, upon being heard bt Colonel Eric Lewis at a show at Mountain View, Ark, Eric invited him to play with his group New Kentucky Colonels, He accepted, he toured with the group, he was on a few recordings. he plays fiddle and banjo with the group

Kirby Clark born and raised in Mountain Grove, MO he had a lifelong music career, he is fluent on several instruments, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano, he was endorsed by Gibson with an F5 mandolin in 2007,  Kirby has played with Eric several years across the country at all type events, he has been on several recordings with the group, he plays mandolin and fiddle and sings lead an harnony
Daniel Bean the newest member of the group has played most of his life, he plays guitar and sings lead and harmony with the group, Daniel Joined the group in 2018, he has toured with the group at different venues,