Welcome to our bluegrass website, this website is dedicated to the total committment to the music that the pioneer, Bill Monroe spent his life to preserve.
The New Kentucky Colonels are not new to the bluegrass music, they have many years of music experience. They are a premier bluegrass group with over 135 years of music talent to offer for your festival, fair, concert, theatre, school, college, university, in school education program, radio, television progams, weddings, reunions or any type entertainment venue. They tour nationally across the US or other country. A life long of experience has been invested in our music, Eric Lewis has been in the business for 59 years. He started at age 15, in 1950 he heard the Grand Ole Opry and his love of bluegrass and country started. He begun to play at music parties in the early 1960's at people's homes, he later begun to play in contests and in 1979 he joined the Heart of the Ozarks Bluegrass Assn, he formed his group in 1981 as Southern Grass, but hearing the name from other groups he changed it to Southern Missouri Bluegrass, the group booked by the name for several years and in 2006 he was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel and the group began booking as New Kentucky Colonels, They perform bluegrass, country, old time, gospel and the best in family comedy, for 35 years, a number of people have been part of the group. Eric has performed with many of the names in the business, he has won several awards, he has written and recorded several CD projects, he had his own live television show from 2000 to 2009 on Tri Mountain Television at Salem, Arkansas, He produced his television show in 2013 on K38HE television at West Plains, MO  his home town. Eric is an honorary member of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN, he founded and formed the George D. Hay Society at West Plains, MO a historical society to preserve the Ozark's history and heritage to their connection to the Grand Ole Opry, in 2005 he presented a lifetime acheivement award to Louise and Earl Scruggs at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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            Eric Lewis
 "Hottest Brand Going"
  "Southern Missouri's Bluegrass and  Country Legends"
Lake Paradise Records Recording Artists
Great News: our group was just signed on with  Traci Strunk Talent Agency of Houston, TX  , they will be booking for our group, for your next venue you can enjoy our many years of music talent with a variety of music.We have our new CD released, A house is not a home, you can be one of the first to be able to purchase a copy of this great project and you can also purchase it on this website
Colonel Eric Lewis
   Don't settle for nothing but the best,  and you have found it!!!
  "Southern Missouri's Bluegrass and  Country Legends"
Lake Paradise Records Recording Artists
New Kentucky Colonels of Missouri and Arkansas will host their 36th anniversary concerts on June 10 at the Star Theatre in Willow Springs, MO 7-9 PM, along with award winning singer, song writer, Judy Haney of North Carolina, Nashville recording artist, Debbie Cochran of Batesville, Ark, and award winning singer, song writer, Ron Cowens, Alton, MO Tickets $10 can be purchased
Ticket Order Page
Award to our group from our promoter Roger Woods Sr www.rogersmosicpromotions.com
36th Anniversary Bluegrass/Country  Show
     Judy Haney
Recording artist
North Carolina
Nashville Recording Artist
    Batesville. Arkansas
Ron Cowens
Renouned steel player
      Alton, Missouri
June 10,  Star Theatre, Willow Springs, Missouri
               7 PM;   Admission only $10

                           Along  With
Come help us celebrate 36 amazing years of our group
An evening jam packed with bluegrass, country, gospel 
and the best in family comedy, seating  is limited, get your
tickets early  check, money order, Pay Pal credit card 
For information 417-293-3367 www.Newkentuckycolonels,com