Although the name is fairly new, the group is no stranger to the music. We have over 130 years of music talent in this group. It all started many years ago when these bluegrass loving musicians started playing music and preserving the music that Bill Monroe gave his life to fullfill.  The title of Kentucky Colonel is an honorary title commissioned by the Governor of Kentucky to worthy recipients who promote the ideals of the commonweslth of the State of Kentucky.
The group is a highly professional group of musicians and singers, they are a national touring group, award winning and internationally known, all the members are accomplished entertainers, their music and performances are high energy, high quality and entertaining, the group have performed with most of the names in the business and at many prominent venues as Opryland, Gibson Bluegrass Showcase, Station Inn, Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, International Bluegrass Museum, Jerusalem Ridge festival at Bill Monroe home place at Rosine, KY. have performed in several states as MO, AR, KS, MS, IN, FL, TN, TX, IA, IN, ILL, WI, MN, OH, OK. Have appeared on the national RFDTV on Cumberland Highlander show 6 times. Invited to tour in Czechoslovakia, Japan, Italy, Canada and across the US at festivals, fairs, concerts, schools, colleges, universities, government & corporate events. Their own live television show.
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                                What is a Kentucky Colonel?    
In the 1800's during the war, everyone who joined the regiment was given the title of colonel, after the war was over, the Governor gave his son the title of colonel, he was over the security guards of the mansions, later another Governor decided to bestow this honor upon people who did outstanding things and promoted the commowealth of Kentucly, many have been given this honorary title including, Prime Minister, Winston Churchhill of England, Dwight Yokum, Whoopie Goldburg and others across the world.

This is truly one of a great honors to posess, we are greatful that the Governor of Kentucky thought us worthy to be one of the members of the Honorary Order of Kentucky Colonels.